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Past Contributors include the finest mystery masters and upstarts from around the world... and in your own backyard.New Mystery debuts a new mystery writer each issue. Thanks to our celebrity author contributors, NMM has been able to help new writers continue with their careers. Many authors have contributed only their best, new, original, exclusive short mystery fiction. Their short stories are available in New Mystery Magazine...and a few occasionally online for a limited time here at

Author list 1989-1999:

Mr Lutz

John Lutz

shows us spunk and feist from a momma' who's been done wrong in Night Chase , I#2. FLASH Mr Lutz has a new book, FINAL SECONDS about the Oklahoma bombing. His co-author is David August. Considered a master of the sensitive guy hardboiled novel, his series from Henry Holt included SPARK and HOT. His novel SWF SEEKS SAME became the hit critically-acclaimed feature film, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridget Fonda. Mr Lutz has won the Edgar Award and the Shamus Award. Other books in the Carver Series include: BLOODFIRE, FLAME, KISS, SCORCHER, and our favorite TROPICAL HEAT.
Major Mapp

Bailey Mapp,

an Air Force Major from Charleston, SC, debuts in the latest issue of New Mystery with Not This Time, where the lead character proclaims, "I ain't gonna' be your Ken Doll no more...not this time, Baby!" Apparently there is some sort of marriage trouble, spousal abuse, even, and disputes over property rights...also adultery. Don't miss this hot new talent in his first appearance. Mr Mapp has been selected to receive the 1998 Blaggard Award for best mystery short story.

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Mrs and Mr Matthews

Clayton and Patricia Matthews

worked together on the extraordinarily smooth and explosive tale of jealousy and newlyweds in The Other Woman which appears in III#1.

Mrs Mayhar

Ardath Mayhar

like many of the excellent women writers at New Mystery, doesn't do lunch. See her Lonesome Canefield Blues in our first issue. We don't want to spoil the ending but there is a big man with a machete and some snakes but the most dangerous thing around is out in the canefield.
Mr Mina

George Mina

made his debut in New Mystery with Coffee Breaks, a story about how the boss's special grind can sorta' get in your way... (III#1)
Mrs Mosiman

Billy Sue Mosiman

gave us the story of a boy who could not protect his drunken quarreling parents from the darkness in Walls Came Tumbling in I#2

The author has the following writings in print: NIGHT CRUISE, Berkley, 1992, Edgar Award Nominee for Best Paperback Novel WIDOW, Berkley, 1995, Stoker Award Nominee for Superior Novel STILETTO, Berkley, 1996 PURE AND UNCUT, hard back and paperback, 1997, Headline Books, UK DEATH IN DIXIE, co-edited with Martin Greenberg, Rutledge Hill Press, an anthology of mystery and suspense stories with an introduction by Billie Sue Mosiman, mass market paperback rights going to Berkley, just published, Spring, 1997. New stories coming out in ROBERT BLOCH'S PSYCHOS, from Pocket Books. TAROT FANTASTIC, DAW Books, edited by Lawrence Schimel. View from the Castle Tower column in last issue of DEATHREALM Magazine, due out June 1997. She invites you to read her own web page. Click here for Billy Sue's web page

Mrs Natsuke

Shizuko Natsuke

A mystery master from Japan, Mrs Natsuke graces our early issue, I#2, with Harder Than To Die a tale of terror in the Tokyo suburbs. A normal Japanese housewife and mother caught in a swirl of death.

Mrs Natsuki is most famous for her novel, EVAPORATION which won the Mystery Writers of Japan Award. 29 of her short stories have been dramatized for television. Of these, The Shining Cliff won the Minister of Education Award

Mr Oster

Jerry Oster

is the master of the madcap buddy cop procedural, here with a rare short story, Lonelyville a tale of power politics and the celebrity avant-garde from beach house to...morgue. I#3.
Mr Pachter and his daughter

Josh Pachter

is one of the most respected short story writers in the world. His first contribution to New Mystery, in II#1, stunned the mystery fan community. The Ivory Beast was a smooth tranquil murder hunt by a Pakistani detective on a US Warship patrolling the Arabian Sea featuring the polite and polished Inspector Chaudri.


Mrs and Mr Palmer

Bill and Karen Palmer

have contributed their review column to New Mystery since the very first year. Thoughtful, balanced criticisms of audio tapes of mystery novels and stories, CD-Roms, Websites and the new Multimedia Genre Games on the market. Many of our subscribers and especially our librarian/readers write us about their appreciation of the quality of the Palmers' reviews.

Click here for the Palmers' web page.

Mr Pelecanos

George Pelecanos

is in the Angry White Man issue of New Mysery with his lead piece, Carioca Hungry. Brazilian street kids hear the the drums and smell the roasting chicken. This very personal saga of Brazilian gangsterism is unlike anything else we've ever seen with complex sympathies and a swirl of motives and action. IV#1. Carioca Hungry (click here to read the story now, free!) in V#1


Mr Phillips

Gary Phillips

calls his original piece in the Blues Mystery Stories Special Issue of NMM(VI#1) simply, Boom, Boom. Mr Phillips, a novelist and journalist has given us a great story featuring his detective Ivan Monk working the streets of South Central LA. Please wear a hardhat reading this story, we're not sure, but maybe something is going to blow up. ahis Ivan Monk novels have been critically acclaimed and one optioned for an HBO feature film. His latest novel, just out, is titled BAD NIGHT IS FALLING.
Mr Ramirez

Thomas Ramirez

joined us with The Armadillo Patrol about some middle-age, middle class, mid-life-crisis-bearing midwesterners as they stand guard to protect their suburban lawns from pesky armadillos...and find something else. See III#1.

Mr Resnicow

Herbert Resnicow

gave the first issue of New Mystery his gripping short short, Headup, where a semi-literate ghetto janitor shows another old man how to fix his pipes. I#1.

Mr Sallis

James Sallis

appears in the current issue with, More Light featuring a different kind of crime fighter. This short story is a Shamus Award nominee for best story of the year.

Miss Santini

Rosemarie Santini

is a well-liked novelist, teacher and short story writer who lives in SOHO, NYC. Known for her Rick'N'Rosie novels, she has chosen New Mystery to present R&R in the short story form for the first time anywhere. Please Don't Use The M Word appears in the current issue, VII#1. Rosie didn't want the kidnapping to be traced to Little Italy, but...

See the hilarious The Movie Murder in Vol III#2 and the deeper piece, The Music Lesson(click here to read the story now, free!) in IV#2.

Note! The Music Lesson by Rosemarie has been nominated for the Macavity Award for Best Mystery Short Story by the members of Mystery Readers International. Click here for Macavity Award News Also Note: The Music Lesson has also received the Blaggard Award for Best Mystery Short Story of the Year.

Click here for news on the Blaggard Award for Best Mystery Short Story

Mr Schwartz

Charles Schwarz

made his debut in New Mystery to instant acclaim. His fine story My Obit Habit received immediate attention from veteran editors and even fan mail. It appears in Vol II#2

Mrs Sereni

Elizabeth Sereni

made her debut in New Mystery magazine IV#1 with Mall Bimbo Murder featuring a fashion slave with sore feet. It sounds like I'm hitting on you, but I can get you into the movies.

Mr Slesar

Henry Slesar,

the venerable mystery master of the short story and writer of most of the tv scripts which made Alfred Hitchcock Presents the literary standard-bearer for smallscreen quality has contributed several times to New Mystery, including the chilling cozy The High Price of Amazonas, in I#3. The story's subtitle was: She served tea and remembered what a little birdie told her.

A charter contributor, his wonderful The Bracelet appeared in 2#1, subtitled, she couldn't see him any more, because she was not worthy, it very delicately and discreetly suggests that courting and romance may have a darker side.

Lawrence Treat,

longtime master of mystery appears in the next issue of New Mystery with, When The Music Stopped, a story of crime gone snafu...and then some. And it all started with a lie.

Mr Treat, a novelist and short story writer, is a two-time recipient of the Edgar Allan Poe Award, (the highest honor in the mystery writing field,); and a Special Poe Award for a Hitchcock television show; a prize winner at an international Crime Writers Short Story contest in Stockholm; and a recipient of a Ceremonial Dagger presented by Mystery Writers of Japan. A founder and past president of Mystery Writers of America, originator of the police procedural and the mystery picture puzzle, many of which are in his best selling CRIME AND PUZZLEMENT series. He lives with his wife Rose Treat on Martha's Vineyard. See When The Music Stopped

Mr Taibo

Paco Ignacio Taibo II

is Mexico City's most magical and rumbling crime novelist and short story writer. His first story for New Mystery featured the infamous gumshoe, Hector Belascoaran Shayne, in the deadly greasepaint of pro wrestling. All Kinds of Phantoms, appeared in I#2. Look for his unique, Hookers of Zacatecas in the current issue.

Mr Tem

Steve Rasnic Tem

can write crime fiction with an intimacy between the characters unseen elsewhere, his use of dialogue and mood is hot. Mr Tem's fine dark mystery classic, Daddy's An Actor, appeared in I#1.

Mr Torres

Richard Torres

appears in the current issue with, End Of The Line. a debut crime story with the rattiest subway platform in the five boroughs and some large sneakers. VI#1.

Mr Tropea

Marco Tropea

is one of the most respected crime fiction editors in the world, based in Milan, he has advised New Mystery since our earliest days. He helped a lot with our renowned Special International Issue II#2. Commenting on authors and manuscripts and working with the translators, Cuban, Romanian, Czech, Japanese and French, and the authors and critics would have been impossible with the maestro.
Mr Vasco

Justo Vasco,

internationally-renowned Cuban novelist and short story writer, Justo is the author who focuses on the simple warm dignity of the little guy in his soul-searching modern Havana crime fiction. His masterpiece, A Man of Honor, appeared in New Mystery I#2 to rave and unending reviews.

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Mr Wandrei

Howard Wandrei

George Is All Right by Howard Wandrei was just discovered in a trunk out in Minneapolis by F B Press. It is a tale of love gone wrong and that damn dog who sat under the barstool all night watching. Order This Issue Now!

Edward Wellen

appears in the next issue of New Mystery with a dark frolic, a tale of flirting, obsession and love gone eerily wrong. Mr Wellen is a master of the mystery genre with a string of fine novels. Order This Issue Now!

Mr Westermann

John Westermann

has a rare short story in the Special Mendacity Issue of New Mystery Read Trauma Bells Are Ringing where a night at the Emergency Ward is described with gritty realism. Mr Westermann was a police officer for almost twenty years...decorated three times for excellence and bravery. His latest smash novel is LADIES OF THE NIGHT with Pocket Books. He lives on Long Island.

His classic novle EXIT WOUNDS is in film production starring Steven Seagal. The film is produced by Joel Silver at Warner Brothers. The drama features a white cop who tries to solve a crime in an inner-city precinct. Read this short story now!

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Mr Zeltserman

David Zeltserman

hit the second issue of New Mystery running with the debut hit, A Long Time to Die, he is currently working on a novel and a short story collection, he lives in the Massachusetts Bay Area. See I#2. Mr Zeltserman has a webpage . Read this debut story now!

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